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There’s no need to give up on your smile—restorative treatments are available that can make it look and feel better. If you have a dental crownsdamaged tooth, you may be a candidate for dental crowns, which cover and protect individual teeth and look very natural. Give your damaged teeth a second chance with dental crowns by Dr. Steven Christensen at 4Dental Health in Layton, UT.

A Description of Dental Crowns
A dental crown is a small piece of porcelain, ceramic or metal material that’s custom shaped to fit over your existing tooth. The crown, also called a cap, is based on the exact shape of your tooth after some of the enamel has been removed. When the crown is added, it’s similar to covering any old, worn surface with a new, stronger material. Without a crown, the natural tooth would likely continue to wear down and could become vulnerable to decay. With a crown, the tooth is protected from stains and damage.

A Second Chance for Your Smile
Having a new dental crown is like getting a new lease on an aging or worn-down tooth. A porcelain crown is durable enough to last for up to 15 years and can be color-matched to look just like your other teeth. There’s no way for the average person to distinguish a porcelain crown from the rest of your smile. Only you and your Layton dentist will know it's there.

Caring for Your Crown
If you want your new dental crown to last for the maximum time possible, you must take very good care of it daily. Just because it is extremely resilient doesn’t mean that you don’t have to brush and floss around it regularly. Flossing, in particular, is crucial because it helps prevent gum disease, which could put the entire tooth in jeopardy.

Schedule a Crown Consultation
If you have a healthy tooth that needs a renewal, talk to a Layton, UT dentist at 4Dental Health about crowns. Call (801) 889-1044 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Steven Christensen.


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