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By 4 Dental Health
October 04, 2017
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Do you like to smile? Most people do, and research from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry shows that our smiles project our dental implantspersonalities to the world. Unfortunately, smile gaps often dictate how much you want to smile and even in what situations. Dr. Steven Christensen at 4 Dental Health wants his patients to smile broadly as much as they wish. So he offers innovative dental implants in his Layton, UT office. After all, a complete, healthy smile is a happy smile.

What is a dental implant?

The American Academy of Periodontology says that a dental implant is an artificial tooth that replaces one lost to injury, decay or gum disease. Preferable to conventional tooth replacements such as partial dentures or bridgework, dental implants improve gum tissue and strengthen the jawbone. Unlike conventional prosthetics, implants reside in the jawbone, just as natural tooth roots do. So dental implants provide patients with superior stability and oral function. Plus, patients love their natural feel and appearance.

Why do they work so well?

The answer to that lies in biochemistry. Implants are made of titanium, a naturally-occurring metal. Amazingly, human bone loves titanium and bonds right to it. So when your dentist inserts a titanium implant device in your jaw, the bone itself begins a bonding process called osseointegration. Osseointegration keeps the implant in place for decades and ensures the jawbone stays strong.

Is the restorative treatment difficult?

If you have good oral health--no decay or gum disease--and have sufficient bone density, you should be able to receive a dental implant to replace your missing tooth. In fact, Dr. Christensen even uses dental implants for patients who have lost multiple teeth in Layton.

The treatment happens right at 4 Dental Health. After a full exam and X-rays, you'll get a simple local anesthetic for a single implant. More complex replacements may need oral sedatives to maximize comfort.

To begin the procedure, Dr. Christensen opens the gums and drills a pilot hole in the jaw. Then, he inserts the titanium implant device, closing the gums with a few sutures. You'll go home to allow the implant and bone to meld together. This may take several weeks, but in the end, the bond will withstand the substantial forces of biting and chewing.

Subsequently, the dentist places a metal extension post and customized porcelain crown on the implant, and the process is complete. Aftercare is just what you've been doing: brushing twice a day, flossing daily and getting six-month hygienic cleanings and check-ups at 4 Dental Health.

How long will you have your implant?

These artificial teeth are so successful that you'll likely have yours for the rest of your life, says the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. So say goodbye to smile gaps, and say hello to the best tooth replacement option out there--the dental implant. For a consultation with Dr. Christensen, call 4 Dental Health at (801) 889-1044.


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