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June 26, 2019
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Tooth PainNo one wants to hear that they need a tooth extraction but, unfortunately, they are necessary. Tooth extractions protect the integrity of your smile and oral health. Dr. Steven Christensen provided his patients with dental extractions at his Layton, UT, office.

Tooth extractions are performed when wisdom teeth grow in and cause over-crowdedness. They don't always fully erupt, a painful ordeal. Wisdom teeth may also damage other parts of the oral cavity, like bone and gums. They also create hard-to-reach crevices where food gets stuck, leading to tooth decay.

Other reasons for a tooth extraction is because teeth are severely traumatized by way of an accident and/or tooth decay. Severely damaged teeth that are covered with a crown or veneer prevent you from seeing how much your tooth has actually deteriorated. Extensive tooth decay may lead to an extraction and replacing tooth roots with dental implants.

Mispositioned baby teeth may also need to be extracted if they hinder permanent teeth from erupting.

Dental Extraction Procedure

Tooth extractions are a simple, routine procedure. Here are the exact steps:

  1. Your Layton dentist examines your teeth using an x-ray to evaluate the severity of the situation and ensure there aren't any other underlying issues before the procedure.
  2. He will also collect your medical history and double-check to make sure you're not allergic to any drugs.
  3. You will be given a local anesthetic numb the area surrounding the target tooth or teeth. You should discuss sedation options with your dentist before the procedures. Ask if any of the following options are available to you: oral sedative, a pill, or intravenous.
  4. Other procedures, like bone grafting, may be necessary depending on the condition of the tooth or teeth being removed. Bone grafting is just an example of a necessary procedure if your doctor thinks you need a dental implant that requires more structural support.

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If you have any questions about dental extractions, call your dentist, Dr. Steven Christensen, can help you at his Layton, UT, office today!


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