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September 27, 2016
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Cavities are generally the most common cause of a toothache. However, there are different types of tooth pain, and other dental toothacheproblems like tooth sensitivity, a cracked or chipped tooth, or an infection may also be at the root of persistent pain or throbbing in a tooth. Because a thorough dental exam is usually necessary to determine what is causing a toothache, the dentists at Layton, UT-based 4Dentalhealth advise patients to schedule an appointment for persistent tooth pain in order to get the appropriate treatment and to avoid potentially serious complications in the future.

Emergency Dentistry in the Layton, UT

In general, pain is considered a dental emergency, and should be examined by a dentist as soon as possible. If a tooth is chipped or broken as the result of an accident, bacteria can accumulate in the space that holds the nerves, blood vessels, and pulp inside the tooth, which can lead to painful infections and potential permanent damage and even tooth loss. An emergency root canal may be necessary, depending on the damage, in order to save the tooth.

Other Sources of Tooth Pain

Another common cause of tooth pain is sensitivity, which is sometimes a symptom of a cavity. Sensitivity causes numbing and sharp pain when the teeth come into contact with hot or cold food and beverages. In addition to cavities, gum recession and wearing down of the enamel can cause sensitivity. A dental exam can help to determine the cause of tooth sensitivity.

In some cases, pain can be a sign of a broken or cracked crown or dental filling that needs to be replaced. Conditions like temporomandibular disorder (TMD) and sinusitis cause pain that can be mistaken for pain in a tooth or the jaw.

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