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November 28, 2017
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Has your smile become dull or yellow? Teeth whitening can erase dental stains, leaving you with a brighter smile. Our Layton, UT, dentist, teeth whiteningDr. Steven Christensen, explains a few benefits of professional teeth whitening.

Excellent results

Over-the-counter teeth whitening results are often disappointing. Depending on the product you use, your teeth may only be a shade a two or whiter after weeks of treatment. Professional teeth whitening offers a much more dramatic change in your smile. After your treatment session, your teeth may be three to eight shades whiter.


Do-it-yourself whitening treatments don't often produce the most attractive results. If the whitening gel isn't applied evenly over the surface of your teeth, some parts of your smile can be whiter than others. When you visit our Layton office for professional whitening, we'll make sure we won't miss a spot. We'll also clean your teeth before applying the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. Because hydrogen peroxide can't penetrate plaque or tartar, a thorough teeth cleaning is the key is necessary to prevent a spotted or mottled appearance.


Hydrogen peroxide can cause tooth sensitivity if it comes in contact with your gums or roots. Before your session begins, we'll coat your gums and roots with a protective gel and also use retractors to gently pull your lips and cheeks away from your teeth.

Only one treatment needed

Whitening only takes about an hour in our office, unlike over-the-counter kits that require a much more significant time investment. Professional-strength products contain a higher percentage of hydrogen peroxide than drugstore kits, which means you won't have to spend weeks on whitening.

Two options

An at-home option is also available if you would prefer to whiten your teeth at home. If you choose at-home whitening, a mold of your teeth will be used to make trays that fit your upper and lower teeth snugly. You'll apply whitening gel to the trays and use them for several weeks. At-home trays are also ideal for touching up your in-office results if your teeth start to look a little dull.

Are you ready to make your teeth whitening appointment? Call our Layton, UT, dentist, Dr. Christensen, to schedule your visit.


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